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Perfect-Anime News Archive

3/29/2003   Slayers 4-6 Munker
Slayers ep 4-6 has been released.. have fun with these encodes!

3/29/2003   synogen
A new version of the CRC Checker is up, it now automatically detects and uses checksums embedded in filenames like "pa_89F7332A.bla" when verifying using drag and drop, tell me if you notice any bugs, thx

3/14/2003   Nadesico ep 25-26 Munker
We finally completed Nadesico, now i, munker, feel a great honor to announce you that we will do Nadesico the movie in perfect quality (just as always :P). Haha i'm happy, i can newspost too!

3/6/2003   synogen
Nadesico 22-24 finally out

3/4/2003   synogen
A new news system has been introduced, I hope it'll work fine ;)