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Perfect-Anime News Archive

5/24/2003   new irc server and merge synogen
we have merged with animextacy and the new channel can be found on -> #anime-kanzen
now our attention goes back to releasing high quality anime for you folks ^^

5/21/2003   new site design and irc woes swuswu
well, the new site design is up and operational for the most part. of course bugs that are found will be worked out over the next few days. and seeing as how aniverse is still having troubles, we encourage everyone to join our backup channel on!

5/18/2003   synogen
for anyone getting this while connecting to aniverse:
Closing Link: (No more connections allowed in your connection class)

check the backup channel on, permanently moving there is still in discussion, nothing has been decided yet, but i guess it mostly depends on how aniverse will develop the next days/weeks whatsoever ^^

5/8/2003   Munker
our channel is back @aniverse cu there again and if there should be any aniverse-problem just peek into mircx we might be there again